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The Ohio University Node on the OhioView Network

Ohio U.-view is the principal point of contact in Southeast Ohio
for information and assistance in
Remote Sensing and Geospatial Data Analysis. 

Our Goals are to :

Promote the use of satellite and geospatial data in education, facilitate the use of satellite data to monitor areas of critical environmental concern, facilitate cooperation between education, and State and local governments in remote sensing and digital mapping, facilitate research and development in the applications of satellite data, and establish "virtual" centers for satellite and geospatial data synthesis and dissemination. 

On this page you will find links to useful educational resources and research products developed here at Ohio University through the OhioView project. 

These products are free for your use and we encourage you to integrate them in your educational work. Some files are large and will require time to complete the download !




Contact Information

Dr. James K. Lein
OhioView Laboratory for Applied Geomatics
118 Morton Hall
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio 45701
Phone: 740-593-0204
Fax: 740-593-1139

Contact: James Lein.  Email: lein@ohio.edu